La Stüa de Michil

La Stüa de Michil is a small, a wood-panelled treasure trove where unique objects adorn the walls, set between two, carefully reinstalled 17th-century Stuben. Our chef, Simone Cantafio, is at the heart of the explosion of colour and flavours resulting from the marriage of the East and West.

Eating becomes a journey involving all senses, centred around the place we live in and whose environment we respect. The restaurant features two menus, and the star of the show is Mother Nature herself. Resulting from vast experience and a constant flux of evolving emotions which come together to amaze our perceptions and shake up our beliefs with their innovative transformations. The meals served at La Stüa de Michil are made up of ingredients, nature, and memories which will ultimately transform into a mesmerising culinary experience, in harmony with our values of beauty and kindness.