Mahatma Wine – where wine sings

Descend into the Mahatma Wine cellar to listen, in stunned silence, to the hauntingly beautiful song that echoes here. It’s a song that carries many memories from the past, but that also echoes into the future with a sense of hope. Memories and hope intertwine and chime across more than thirty-thousand bottles from Italy, Switzerland, Austria and, of course, France.

An echoing chamber where the song of all these wines is at times husky and deep, other times light and bubbly, ricocheting off the walls of this labyrinthine casket, a cornucopia of surprises, where wine, music, and emotions live in stunning harmony. Descending into the cellars of Mahatma Wine is a most genuine and unique experience. Passion, culture, and vocation come alive in true Costa Family style. A temple dedicated to the Sassicaia is surely worth venturing down to the cellar for, where one understands why the ancients considered wine the nectar of the gods.