Our north star

The charm of this place isn’t about what is here but about what’s missing

Our SPA isn’t an extravagant 5,000 square metres. We’d serve Ladin wines, if there were any, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find Australian wines in our cellar. We’ve left the marble decor back in its Carrara home. The bedrooms don’t feature imported, precious wood, and we’ve decided against a minibar. We embrace the Economy of the Common Good and we don’t have glossy brochures.

The allure of this destination lies not in what you can find here, but rather in what you won’t. Long faces are certainly missing, as are clients. We like to call them our guests. Beauty is the core of our Casa, of our family – and we like to pursue it by serving smiles and warm embraces.

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Corvara, Val Badia, the Dolomites