Biraria L’Murin

Never heard of the Biraria L’Murin? Come, take a seat, and let us tell you about it.

Picture a beautiful garden, dotted with chairs and loungers. You’re reclining, basking in the summer warmth, sipping away at an ice-cold beer, which washes down the mouthwatering M- Burger you’ve just finished. Your typical summer snapshot.

Let the time fly by, talking about this and that with your friends, your attention split between the here and now and the two amazing singers playing at the former windmill – the L’Murin. You’ll have to remember to offer them a beer by the end of it, because they’re good.

Life, well, life is good.

And that’s what the Biraria L’ Murin is all about. A place serving craft beers and amazing cocktails you won’t forget any time soon, coupled with delicious meals – relaxing and drinking builds up quite an appetite, after all.

The Biraria opens between 17:00 and 24:00 – except on Wednesdays, when we take a well- deserved break.

Join us on Fridays for some great live music.

A toast to life and to living – one day at a time, not a care in the world.