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16 October 2020

Il Nuvolario

Luigi Ghirri, Ile Rousse, 1976

Hyperonts, Perionts, Hyponts. And then ‘Graffi e Ragnatele’, ‘Canizie di Patriarca’, ‘Piume di Fuoco’, ‘Nudi e Frutta’: we are both delighted and amused by Il Nuvolario by Fosco Maraini, an eccentric essay on mental and linguistic exploration, dedicated to Nubignosia, a made-up science that sends your head into the clouds.

Maraini's essay on the classification of clouds is back in book stores with an edition produced by his daughter, Toni, and offers pages that hang between literature, science, history, art and poetry, transforming the small tome into a fascinating and entertaining book. To be read with your nose in the air. Thoroughly recommended.