This is not a cliché.

06 April 2019

Let’s not throw anything away

Excess, waste and exaggerated consumption are reducing our world to a sort of immense dustbin. Each of us, even in the limits of our own vegetable patch, can cultivate a way to fight waste, starting from simple everyday uses, as for example, using everything you buy without throwing it away.
So today, with the products and food left in the pantry and refrigerators of the hotel, we of the Costa Family Foundation, together with our friends from La Spona and OEW, are holding an end of season brunch in which we will serve dishes prepared with everything that has remained in the pantry.
We will set up three stands, one per organisation, to show off not only our gadgets but also what we do. By the way, if you already know more or less everything about us here in Corvara, we can tell you that La Spona is a hospitality centre in Pederoa that welcomes children with Down Syndrome and that OEW is an association that works in the field of a more equitable food production and international cooperation.
The brunch costs 30 euros per person and the proceeds will be used for three projects: La Spona will use the proceeds to organise trips for children; OEW will allocate proceeds to the Vida y Esperanza project, which supports eighty families, including one hundred and fifty children, in a difficult area of Cochabamba in Bolivia; we will support the Waste Management project in Karamoja, Uganda, a pilot initiative designed to raise awareness on the subject of separate waste collection. For decades we as developed countries have exported to Africa consumer lifestyles to say the least, we have introduced our products, we have contributed to the alienation of indigenous communities from their own land, thanks to tons of milk powder, billions of bags of crisps and drinks in cans or tetra-pak. We have not however thought of bringing to these people the instructions that should accompany this 'new way of life'. In Africa, waste disposal works like this: you make a bundle of paper, plastic, cellophane and bags in front of your house and then you set it on fire. More than ever, it's time to start creating a more conscious and less polluting waste disposal culture. Let's not waste any opportunity to make the world a better place!

End of season Brunch together with the Costa Family Foundation, La Spona and OEW
From 11.30 on at Ladinia.