This is not a cliché.

This is what we are made of.

Reality sometimes outdoes imagination


Hotel La Perla of a wintertime, a slope on the doorstep

Dolomiti Superski, a ski carousel awaiting you

Here around it is easy to understand that the notions of good skiing and good life style go hand in hand. Today head off to the west, tomorrow explore the east: the Dolomites offer an incredible variety of slopes, and all are linked up over an amazing carousel of pure pleasure. Each and every day is a kaleidoscope of marvellous thrills, culinary experiences, and the very best of the good life.

WHITE MARCH: live La Perla in the week-end!

Enjoy the spectacle of the snow, give yourself two fabulous nights.
From March 1 to 3 and from March 15 to 17, the Dolomites are closer than you think.

2 nights, from Friday to Sunday: a welcome intake of pure invigorating Dolomite air. When the Dolomites are dressed in their white veil they really are irresistible and represent the ideal opportunity to restore body and mind in the healthiest of long weekend breaks.

Offer available from March 1 to 3 or from March 15 to 17, 2019.
2 nights in double room Standard, Comfort or Romantik with "La Perla" experience from March 1 to 3 starting from 624,00 euro per person and from March 15 to 17 starting from 424,00 euro pro person.

La Stüa de Michil, our gourmet restaurant

One Michelin star in a Ladin Wunderkammer

Ambience, elegance and intimacy: the Stüa de Michil is a precious pearl that has been faithfully reinstalled in two 17th-century parlors.
Dining here is like a journey through time that consists of taste, pleasure and astonishment.

Opening hours
Open daily from 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm
Closed on Sundays

Mahatma wine, a winecellar with a soul

A great winecellar, and not in size only

More than twenty eight thousand bottles, one and all with a story to tell, each and every with a soul swaying in a home made not of bricks and stones but of music, light, words of wisdom. To open a bottle is to discover, see, and listen to what is truly inside of us.


Seven days of pure happiness, pure as snow.

From January 26 to February 16, the Dolomites are closer than you think.

A dream like week to ski to your heart’s content on perfectly prepared slopes. What could be more enticing? Each and every ski day here skiing around the dolomites ski carousel is a joy to behold for hundreds and hundreds of ski slopes are connected via the Dolomiti Superski lift systems. It’s all perfectly true and super wonderful.

Offer available from January 26 to February 16, 2019.
Seven nights in double room Standard, Comfort or Romantik with "La Perla" experience starting from 1.670,00 euro per person.

Each room has a dedicated colour, pleasure is the order of the day

Dine in a typical Ladin setting, an ambience radiant with warmth of wood and stories of old. Low beamed ceilings, tender colours, cloth of exquisite taste: Les Stües are a celebration of convivial welcome and a dining experience to cherish. Our guests are our delight.

Opening hours
Open daily from 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm

Breakfast at La Perla

The early bird catches more than the worm!

Two large rooms looking out on what are the ski slopes in winter and on the meadows in summer, and with Sassongher always standing proud behind.Tables are exquisitely prepared, sweet and sour combining in a perfect harmony of choice, fresh juice, farmhouse butter, honeycomb honey, pastry delights, and wonderfully fresh bread – a calm and serene setting to start your day in the best possible of ways.

Opening hours
Open daily from 7.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
Non-residents: 25 euro

Bistro La Perla, from South Tyrol to the Mediterranean

From north to south, a cuisine which sings the praises of an entire country

The Bistro is the heart of La Perla, a pulsating beat which attracts guests and non-residents alike, and this be of a day or of an evening. The cuisine is a journey of discovery: a discovery of the best of north and south and the regions along the way – great pride taken in choosing the best of ingredients and elaborating them with know-how and a touch of sublime discretion.

Opening hours
Open daily from 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm, afternoon break with snack menu, than again from 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm

Restaurant Ladinia, an Alpine Inn

A restaurant boasting the best of Ladin tradition

Ladin specialities in a mountain setting: this both the thought and desire which inspire the choices of our small mountain inn, conveniently and seductively located across from La Perla. The names of the dishes owe all to Ladin fantasy - bales, jopa, purcel: it is a language which is a very expression of the land in which we find ourselves.

Opening hours
Open daily from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm and from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

The Bar of Hotel La Perla, the heart of the House

A convivial meeting place

The circular bar, tables and sofas illuminated by large windows, the coffee of Gianni Frasi, the vast choice of tea - including the Chinese white variety -, pastry delights, music, intimacy and happiness. Aperitifs and cocktails, and fine wine besides, evening concerts to while away the time: the Bar Bistrot is open to residents and non-residents at all times.

Opening hours
Open daily from 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

L'Murin of a wintertime: après ski dancehall

Dancing away the late afternoon and early evening, clad in ski gear, is the norm here

After a day out on the slopes make your way to the grooviest après ski in the valley. The volume is turned up, the lights dim and flash, and the mood is one of crazy and inhibited enjoyment. Keep an eye out for the special white nights ... and don’t miss out on the experience.

Opening hours
Open daily, from 3.30 pm to 8.45 pm

Notti bianche

Romantik, Comfort, Standard and single rooms: our rooms stand for peace and ease of body and mind

Each room takes pleasure in revealing their special features day by day

There is a certain fairytale feel to these rooms. To live our rooms at La Perla has the advantage of discovering something of ‘the times that once were’ and once you step in, the happy end is ascertained.

A small Spa, a great joy

Nature is the chief protagonist here, stress is no longer welcome

A Wellness Centre in harmony with Nature itself. Energy, vitality, goodness are the core of all the products we use. You, as the guest, are the one and only focus of our Spa. We know that you as an individual have what is within you to bring out the best in you.

Hotel La Perla of a summertime, a midsummer dream indeed

The Dolomites have a fascination which goes back to time immemorial

A dream before our eyes. Rocky peaks rising from seas of time ago, torrents pouring down through centuries old woods, green meadows reflecting gaily in the blue sky above. The Dolomites light up our every dream.

L’Murin of a summertime: a tavern, a font of happiness, a celebration of Val Badia

Bean soup and ribs. Fun times assured

The Murin has a nicely informal look in the summer season – high stools, cosy wooden chairs, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The slightly unusual but typically local dishes have taken on legendary status across the whole valley, and one can even have a choice of small or large portion.

Open from June to September

Costa Family Foundation: an exhibition mounted here in the hotel

A pathway telling the story of the ten years of the Foundation

An exhibition which winds its way along the corridors in the office area of our hotel, a journey highlighting the story of our Foundation and which transmits an air of optimism, celebrating materials brought back from Africa, books which hang from the ceiling and giant photographs. From an original idea of Michil Costa and his wife Joe, the dream has come a great reality of beauty, which continues to look at the future with joy and happiness and a sense of confidence.

A world to discover directly here in the hotel.
Open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Be part of a special story.

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The prices in € refer to the minimum and maximum for the period and are to consider as per person. "La Perla” experience includes half board with a rich breakfast and four course dinner served in the original and colorful Stües​. If you prefer to eat in one of the other three restaurants​​ à la carte, there is a food-only credit of up to 40 euro per person per day included and which can be used throughout the day. The credit is personal and not cumulative (daily use only) and it is not applicable on beverages.

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Family jewels.

Alta Badia, Tuscany, world.