This is not a cliché.

25 March 2019

Two lifts are better than one

Since the beginning of this winter season we have had an extra lift installed so now making a grand total of two, even if the work did involve a reduction in the width of the staircase. Guests were not so happy with the waiting time for the old lift and to tell the truth, although it was dear to us it had seen better days. Things are moving much more smoothly and the choice of how to ascend and descend is much appreciated. Maybe the staircase no longer resembeles that of a Grand Hotel, but at times it is the logical force which wins over any aesthetic judgement. The new lifts are not the widest on earth but they are nice and high, fortunately. Even I and my trolley can enjoy a bit of breathing space. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at your request ... and naturally enough in your room if you so wish.

Gaetano, Bistrot waiter


Laura Willeit & Hubert Dorigatti
Unmissable evening at the Bistrot Music Club!