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17 May 2021

Scribbling as a form of art

Lucio Fontana "Ambienti/Environments”, Milan, Hangar Bicocca 2018

"We reject the notion of art and science being two separate areas. Why can endeavours in one not belong to the other? Artists foresee scientific discoveries, and science always spark art."

This is what Lucio Fontana writes, among other things, in his 1947 ‘Manifesto Spaziale’. The artist became known in the world for his slashed works of art and is one of those people who restores our faith in humanity. Post-war Milan is a melting pot of brash ideas and wits embodied by the likes of Munari, Dorfles, Magistretti, Castiglioni, Sottsass and similar. Pure magic. A magic which sweeps over everybody else, artists the likes of Piero Manzoni, Baj and even Enzo Jannacci, Dario Fo, Beppe Viola, Giorgio Gaber, Cochi e Renato, who, just a few years down the line, give life to a Milan which embraces rather than divides. The city is bursting with all dialects, from north to south, with a quasi-comical abandon. But back to our Lucio. We favour his neon installations, serpentine traces of light across space and thrumming with a joyful, ecstatic, sensual, and cosmic energy. Wow.

Is it not simply amazing?