This is not a cliché.

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19 October 2020


One thing is certain, we hoteliers did not invent the concept of hospitality! The Ancient Greeks would spontaneously offer hospitality to a stranger before they even asked from whence they came or what their name was. And hosts not only received but also gave. The land, made up of communities - and the word community per se, which includes a delicate and intimate form of acceptance - is inevitably a meeting place where the culture of hospitality is nurtured.

But we cannot stop there. We must go above and beyond. A business person, before being a celebrity, must be a person made of flesh and blood, and, for us to call ourselves a community, we must inevitably be welcoming. We must welcome the supplier and those to whom the Greeks never failed to provide food and board: they were the ones who came from afar. And we believe the same. Whoever comes to us has one wish: have a wonderful time. Whether they arrive on a private jet or on a large ship.

Michil Costa