The fascination of this place
is not about what there is
but about what is missing.

This is not a cliché.

18 January 2019

A leisurely lounge

What an array of things! Photos of dogs pulling sledges on the snow, the peaks of the Dolomites captured at their best in all seasons and at all times of day and night. Then, there is lots of reading to be had in English, German, Italian, Ladin. Whether your preference be for thrillers whereby ghosts follow red lipsticked ladies, detective stories set on the streets of Los Angeles, or non-fiction adventure telling of mountain exploits and unbelievable climbing achievements, you will find satisfaction here in the lounge. It is a fine place to relax and forget the passage of time, forget the very fact that time exists ( a thought which was dear to Gurdjieff, he a philosopher, a mystic, a writer and teacher of Greek-Armenian dance – a different sort of guy, certainly!) Yes, the concept of time is an abstract one here in the lounge and what is more is that one can smoke! It is the only place in the hotel where one can indulge in this otherwise forbidden vice. So, attention to all readers and smokers as this place is certainly the one for you. And if you so desire, we will serve you a coffee, a tea, a glass of wine or even an after-dinner drink. Should your stay prolong into the night we should warn you of one thing - Edgar Allan Poe often appears walking by in the mist outside!


Chizzali & Benedikter at the Bistrot Live Club.
Don't miss them!