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28 January 2021

Listen very carefully

Do you know how the name La Perla came about? It was a beautiful day in 1956, and I had met Anni and with her, we decided to open a guesthouse that would soon become a hotel. It was our dream and we made it a reality. But let's go back to that day. I went to the town hall for the licenses and everything else and the employee told me that for the guesthouse I needed to present a name. A name? And where was I going to find a name on the spot? I left the office, went into a bar that had a phone and almost all the telephone directories of Italy. I picked up the one from Rimini, because I knew that there were a lot of hotels there, and I started looking through. I came across an intriguing one called Albergo La Perla and I was struck by it. I left the bar and returned to the municipal office and went up to the employee, saying: 'I have the name, yes, I have it!' 'Tell me', replied the employee: 'La Perla', that's what our pension is called. What do you think, okay?' 'It seems perfect to me', he replied. And that's how the name came about. It seems to me as if it were just yesterday.