This is not a cliché.

16 October 2019

How much do you care

When we talk the talk, environmental issues are always dear to our heart. But when we walk the walk, very few truly do something about them. Who is ready to give up something? Almost nobody. For most of humanity, ecocide is an abstract, faraway and vague concept on the horizon. When it comes to words, we really care about Mother Earth but when it comes to facts, we are much more interested in Messi, Ronaldo and company. And who cares that, to produce a kilo of vegetables, 153 grams of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere whereas, to produce the same quantity of meat, emissions amount to 13,300 (source: German Ministry of the Environment). Furthermore, who cares that livestock and especially cattle are directly responsible for 14.5% of CO2 emissions and indirectly responsible for 51% (via deforestation for fodder and grazing land). Indeed, the path to sustainability really needs some drastic cuts.