This is not a cliché.

Single room

A respite for travellers

Solo travellers deserve to be pampered. Single rooms are few and far between, a luxury, if you will; so we have ensured ours have that special little extra touch of warmth. Our hotel features wonderful rooms for our solo guests, a homage to life, travelling, mediation and an oasis of peace. We respect people who travel the world, on a solitary quest for something only they know, and so they only pay for themselves – nobody else. And after all these travels, they can rest their weary bones on a single but spacious bed – pure bliss. And as the sun rises, bathing the room in a warm, syrupy cascade of light, so does the well-rested traveller. A room which seems to have been made just for them – the wood furniture, the Tyrolean style, the sobriety and detail of the décor, everything seems to evoke a famous quote by great English author Bruce Chatwin: ‘Life itself is a journey to be walked on foot.’ Here in Corvara, at the very foot of the Dolomites, we believe our guests can sleep sweet dreams and find inspiration for new travels.