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01 September 2020

Blood is life

Togo is a small country in Africa which borders with Ghana to the west, Benin to the east, Burkina Faso to the north and to the south there is the Gulf of Guinea. It is a country in a phase of development, but outside of its capital it is racked by poverty, food shortage, and a lack of hospitals, of medicines in general, and also of schools. At Amkpapé, a small village of 12,000 inhabitants, we got to know Sisters Patrizia and Maristella, who for 5 years have been trying to support the various communities in the village. They have built a school, contribute with funds collected to pay the school fees of those who cannot pay. They also run a first assistance clinic to help children, youngsters, men and women. The project 'Sangue è vita' was initiated so as to assist fight epidemics of malaria, which in this region affects at one time or another 90% of the population and is responsible for the death of thousands of children. Our contribution is to help Sisters Patrizia and Maristella by dedicating resources to their initiatives. Dear guests, if you too want to contribute, visit the Costa Family Foundations’ website and the page dedicated to Togo to find all necessary information.