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13 September 2019

Time to prepare the vegetable patch

You take care of your own vegetable patch without thinking that you are making a work of art. Together with the tufts of salad, however, a spontaneous art arises that does not want to suggest a meaning, a subject, but the simple coming to life of things. You do the garden without thinking that you are behaving like the conceptual artists of the early sixties who created works whose end was not aesthetic enjoyment, as had always been the case in the history of art, but the activity of thought itself. The meaning of the gesture is what interests them. And that is no small thing. You take care of the garden and you do not think how much art is flowing. First you do without the imitation of reality, then of perspective, then of form, of colour, until you get to the point where you can do without even the work of art. What remains? There remains the idea, the reflection, the thought. The concept, in fact. One makes the garden without taking into account that the black of the earth dotted with small stones that would have liked Fontana supports the exuberance of an emerald green that once picked, cleaned and served will bring a pleasure of absolute freshness. But then, dear conceptual artists, art is always, for better or for worse, pure enjoyment. Ah, we do the gardening but do not notice how many things happen without us noticing!


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