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23 September 2019

Rest up well dear wine

Now that the hotel is closed, the wines can rest. It is not that they get super agitated during the busy seasons, but the bustle that is in the cellar keeps it a bit too much 'on the go' at times. On days when silence reigns supreme, wine in general takes time for a long meditation. After all, wine itself knows well that it is the poetry of the land, so in the months that are of autumn it reflects on the most beloved of poets who celebrated, sang and indulged in descriptions of it, names from Homer to Baudelaire, from Horace to Leopards, from Ovid to Merini. Yes, wine knows that it possesses many virtues, because it is nothing more than sunlight mixed with the moisture of the vine. Rest well dear wine, and we will try in these months to disturb you as little as possible.