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15 September 2019

Dolomiti Express

Another season is flying away, and I will now need to wait for a while and summer to come back, bringing me a lot of guests to roam around the Dolomites with. It is so nice to hear them speak all the languages of the world, to read in their eyes the desire to discover, to walk on the paths, to enjoy some enchantment and amazement. I listen to them when they get up to leave and when they get back and climb back up after a nice trip. At the beginning of the day they are excited and curious, and at the end they are satisfied, tired and happy. The more you approach the Dolomites with respect and devotion, the more you receive beauty and positive energy. My task is to help them in this phase of approach. And so let us keep moving for these final days, that a few more trips ahead of us before everything closes. And how beautiful the Dolomites are when summer slips into autumn.

Dolomiti Express, the hotel's magic bus