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13 October 2019

Sassicaia and the Tenuta Guido Estate

The Tenuta San Guido was named after San Guido della Gherardesca who lived in the 13th century. It is located on the Etruscan coast between Livorno and Grosseto, near Bolgheri in Maremma, which found fame in the lines written by Giosuè Carducci. It extends for thirteen kilometres from the sea until the hills. This estate boasts three points of excellence: the Sassicaia, the Razza Dormello Olgiata with its thoroughbred horses and the animal sanctuary, Padule di Bolgheri. These are the Tenuta’s cardinal points and they mark the territory on a geographic level as well: the Padule extends towards the sea, the training centre is on a rolling plain, and the vineyards reach almost 400 metres among the thickets on the hills.
The location is ideal, as the 2,500 hectares available make it possible to carve out the extra seventy five hectares for the Sassicaia. Indeed, it is so exceptional that it deserves a D.O.C. label of its own (D.O.C. Bolgheri Sassicaia) and it is the only location in Italy that is entirely covered by this label.
In this hotel, we are lucky enough to have a few bottles of this divine nectar.