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22 November 2019

Amakpapé, the land of hope

Amakpapé is the name of a village in Togo, which is inhabited by twelve thousand people. In the Ewe language, the name means ‘House of leaves’. A beautiful name that recalls the colour green. Green is synonymous with both nature and hope. It is the colour that Sister Patrizia and Sister Maristella chose for the blouses worn by the children who go to their school. These children bear the weight of stories of deprivation and suffering on their thin shoulders. Children who are often without parents, cannot access a school and have no daily bread to eat. Children who must face disease, distress and poverty, situations that they sometimes cannot sustain. Sister Maristella and Sister Patrizia pay for the tuition fees of the neediest children and try to provide them with meals. They also manage a dispensary, attended by countless children, where they treat infections, lesions, malaria, abscesses and worms. Because hope never dies; it becomes ever greener. This is why Patrizia and Maristella established a fund to pay for expenses incurred: school fees, teacher salaries, educational material, medical treatments, and food security. Every contribution to this fund is vitally important. Dear guest, if you wish to help, go to the website of our foundation: in just a few clicks, you can really help Sister Patrizia and Sister Maristella in their daily vocation. Giulan.

Elide, project manager of the Costa Family Foundation