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11 November 2020

What happens at night

Whether they are translated onto written pages or moving pictures, hoteliers enjoy stories that take place in hotels. This is why we allowed ourselves to be transported by a book made of night and snow. By a train in the night, and a nameless couple that alights at a deserted station in the Great North. By an immense, luxurious hotel in the heart of a forest. By its closed rooms, its infinite corridors, its island of light at the bar. By its ambiguous guests – an elderly singer who has seen it all and a shady businessman with cruel designs. Or even by a sinister orphanage and an enigmatic healer. Not all writers would have been able to transform this material into such an engaging and mysterious novel. But Peter Cameron is something else, we know this by now. And his novel, entitled What Happens at Night, confirms it once again.

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation