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22 November 2020

Panettone with solidarity

It is true, we should all be better at Christmas although we do not understand why this is the case at Christmastime only. But if Christmas is the festival of goodness, when we exchange gifts and share important moments then we, in our own small ways, wish to give something that is truly good, unique and invaluable. Good because it is a panettone that was created, made and decorated by Andrea Tortora, one of the most renowned pastry chefs in the world. Unique because Andrea prepared this panettone especially and exclusively for us. Invaluable because the sales proceeds will go towards supporting a new project that takes us to Mexico, more specifically in the foothills of Chichihuistan, which has been in a state of complete abandon for decades now. Pollution, deforestation, neglected farms and social degradation have turned this place into one of the poorest areas of the country. This is the birthplace of Lum Ha’, a company that is reactivating the abandoned local agriculture, reforesting the neighbouring areas, making the polluted spring water drinkable, and helping the local population by supporting it through work, education and social engagement projects. The project has taken off these last few months and, like at the beginning of any new adventure, we need everyone's help. Including yours. Because if you buy our good, unique and invaluable panettone with solidarity, made by Andrea Tortora, then you will also be giving a gift to the farmers of Lum Ha’. Indeed, all sales proceeds will go towards supporting this new project that we have committed to, for the first time, beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Giulan and have a lovely Christmas filled with goodness and solidarity.