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14 May 2019

The mountains in June

The mountains in June: a theatre in which life is acted out. Maybe there is no well-defined score, still without the rhythms of the full summer months, but with those long days of infinite pleasure and immersed in a silence that warms the heart. The mountains in June. One more breath of spring. Yes, at the higher altitudes flowering is late compared to life in the valley and in the hills. On the paths, the grass outlines the meadows with brushstrokes that dance like wisps of wind and the clouds gaily play hide and seek, brushing and gliding over the rock massifs that make up the Dolomites. The mountains in June. A vertical dimension to live 360 degrees. A desire to rest but also a desire to walk along beaten paths, to creep up beyond the hairpin bends not yet subjected to stormy conditions. What bliss to discover the joy of when climbing high, 'of creating the very world', as a poet once wrote. The mountains in June. The meadows, woods, streams full of endless stories. All to be savoured in pursuit of the experience of the rarefaction to which the mountain obliges man. Rarefaction of air, sounds, meetings, time. The mountains in June. A good time to live life to the full, to discover how much the Dolomites have to offer to the curious guest.