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23 May 2019

Ladinia – it’s time to open up the shutters

Today we open our doors, ahead of any normal summer schedule as usual. We like to welcome those who love the mountains even 'out of season', and which for us no time here deserves such description. That is why we open up when other structures are still closed. It is always time to appreciate what the mountains have to offer. Can you feel the fragrance coming from the meadows and the woods? Can you feel the crisp air creeping into your lungs and re-energising every movement? Can you smell the aromas drifting across from the kitchen? There are three cooks from the valley who are working hard together: this evening there will be a nice party, made of good food, good wine, good live music. What a marvel the mountain is in this end of May / early June period. The mountains are always a joy to live and to bring out the best in you.

Come and visit us!