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16 May 2019

A story to drink

The year in question is 1975: Ernesto is still in shock because of the devastating fire that struck the house. The renovation work has begun and he too is trying to get back on track. The owner of the company that follows the work, Vittorio Zolet, invites Ernesto to a fair in Milan. A little distraction can only be good for you he informs. They spend the night in a hotel and in the morning they start to wander around the pavilions until they come across a sector dedicated to national and international wines. After several tastings, they come across the stand of Antinori with a lot of beautiful girls acting as hostesses. Between a canapé and a glass, the prettiest of the three invites the two friends to taste the Sassicaia, flagship wine of the house. Why not? And why not buy some cartons while we are at it? After all, the girls are so nice. The prettiest of the three, always she, proposes to buy a carton for each of the five years proposed in the stand. Why not? In fact, we will make it two for each vintage. Why not? After all, it's only a hundred and twenty bottles in all. Very well, one last taste, another smile and a signature here. Goodbye, bye, be well, lots of greetings, we will send you the wine, no problem.
One day Vittorio calls Ernesto. The voice is agitated and the point is direct: Ernesto, but what are we going to do with all these bottles? At that moment the courier arrives in Corvara and Ernesto realises the issue. The ten cartons have grown to one hundred and ten cartons. The beautiful mermaid had added to the order a number one to the number ten and so making 110 cartons of Sassicaia and they had not noticed. A ton of money gone, and now who is going to break the news to Anni, and just imagine all the trouble there is going to be! Vittorio, who is a great gentleman, proposes to Ernesto to take his hundred cartons, and he does not want anything in return. He will keep ten and no more is to be said, "Ernesto, all you need to do is make a nice cellar and when I come to visit you we'll have a bottle and laugh about the story. But how to pay for all those bottles, anyway? Then good fortune intervenes, in the sense that when Bob Hamberger, a friend of Ernesto and Antinori's representative for Italy of wines, hears the story of the hundreds and hundreds of bottles, clearly he almost has a heart attack at first, but then he informs Ernesto how fortunate he is - he now has a treasure a home! Bob agrees to settle the invoice and Ernesto pays him back in instalments. And so, the winecellar in the house came to be, and shortly afterwards was renamed Mahatma Wine, because wine has a great soul and always gives great joy. We are sure that that mermaid of time ago would agree!