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18 March 2020

Remote working

During these troubled times, everyone is speaking about ‘remote working’. The Internet has become a fundamental tool to connect people around the world when they cannot be physically close to one another and look each other in the eyes. The Internet has ceased to be a haven for haters and purveyors of fake stories: it has become a true web and allows us to work from home, among other things.

We are no strangers to ‘remote working’ at the hotel. The Costa family’s farsightedness means we have been doing so for five years. This method is of interest to us women, as work-life balance is not some farfetched dream anymore. We can take care of our children without gruelling sacrifices nor giving up our job. Remote working should not be a contingency measure: it should become a possibility guaranteed by every company, leveraged to incentivise talent among women and streamline work-life balance. What this virus highlights, among other things, is the slow response of entire production chains, be they public or private, to adopt this solution. One which favours women and the environment. Maybe that is why we are dithering? Lisa, Director of Sales and Marketing