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23 March 2020


Giulan: by now, dear guest, you should know this means ‘thank you’ in Ladin.

Our heartfelt giulan, then, to all the people who have helped us in these difficult days. Our determined and capable Petra and Joe, who have been working behind the scenes at the hotel. In two days, they had to organise the travel arrangements for eighty collaborators, with all the challenges this entailed. And they did so.

Giulan to our housekeeping who went the extra mile and left every room even cleaner than usual, as impossible as that may seem. They provide peace of mind for those guests who will return, for sure.

Giulan to the other collaborators, the backbone of our hotel, who took online courses organised by HR.

Giulan to our suppliers who have shown great solidarity and to our partners who, without even being asked, blocked payments until the end of the summer. Our heartfelt thanks.

And, last but not least, giulan to you too, dear guest. Together with other of your colleagues (so to speak, he he!), you wrote to us with understanding and gratitude after Michil’s last newsletter.
Chin up – this too shall pass.