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10 May 2020

Picturing the future

Giulio is my everything and Fabio is my other half. I like spending time with my family, with my parents, who are an important part of my life. I have recently become auntie to Brando: the second new-born in the family will bring joy to everyone. I love my job, I could not do without it. It is stimulating, never boring. Especially with my new task, I feel grateful for this new possibility. And I owe it to the Costa Family, who has believed in me for the last ten years. They have understood how tricky work-life balance is, and offered me the opportunity of working from home. A privilege that not every company gives, and therefore I am deeply grateful. These are troubling times, and being cooped inside at home while thousands are suffering or fighting a battle that, at times, seems bigger than life, saddens me. We live in the most beautiful country in the world, the country of dolce vita, of pizza, of people who talk out loud – me too – and a country of handshakes and hugs. Even if we are shut inside our homes, let us open our minds and use our common sense to picture the future.

Lisa, Director of Sales and Marketing