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02 May 2020

I look at things with eyes different from yours

These days, the hotel is closed. It would have been under normal circumstances, pre-Covid that is, anyway. We have plenty of time to look around and let our imagination take us from one place to the next. After all, imagination is the key to countless doors into other worlds. You could still visit those other places but they would be dull, lifeless and drenched in these self-built confines made of consumeristic glee. Believe it or not, we are meeting more people than ever during these days when the mountains are even quieter than usual. Today, for example, we met up with Shilpa Gupta, an Indian artist who lives in Mumbai; we met her at the last Venice Biennale, at the Arsenale. Not in person, but through some of her interesting work. We took a gander and bumped into the work you see before you. I look at things with eyes different from yours. The title could not be any clearer. Gupta’s eyes are different because they look at things without indifference. Her gaze focuses on the physical and ideological existence of borders, shining a light on their arbitrary and repressive functions. She bases her practice on the interstitial areas between states and nations, ethnical and religious divisions and surveillance structures, between the concepts of legal and illegal, belonging and isolation. Everyday events are distilled in concise conceptual gestures as a text, object, or installation. Gupta tackles the imperceptible powers that move our lives as citizens or stateless individuals.