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31 May 2020

Good friends and wine

Today is when we speak about a great wine. But we will do a lot more: talk of a great land known as the golden valley. Panzano is located in the Chianti region but our story goes beyond that, and we want to tell you about family and friendship. The former is the Manetti family, while the latter is Giovanni. Giovanni has been visiting us for years now, both during summer and winter. Now that we have set the scene, we can begin. Giovanni is passionate about wine, but more than anything else, he is ambitious and wants to create a wine using only Sangiovese grapes. A 100% Sangiovese wine which has to fully embody its land of origin. He set out on a journey to look for a vine which would fit the bill. And he found it next to an ancient church, San Leolino, located near a basin: this is Panzano, near Greve, boasting magnificent vineyards recreating an amphitheatre of sorts following the contours of the hills. Simply stunning. Once Giovanni found the vineyard, he started looking for an oenologist – and what an oenologist! We are talking of none other than Franco Bernabei, the Sangiovese expert par excellence. The 2016 vintage kicks the ball out of the park to the extent it was awarded 100 Parker points, one of the top recognitions on the international wine landscape. The story has nearly finished – give us three more seconds of your attention. First, the name: Flaccianello comes from Flaccianus, the head of Pagus village, the name Panzano sported at the times of the Roman Empire. Second, the cross on the label: a golden cross located in the ancient parish church which blesses this lucky basin. Third but just as important as the other points: production is completely organic and the cellar is called Fontodi. And to round this story off, did you know we organise a Flaccianello night every season at the hotel, when we uncork a Magnum bottle and pour glasses of this delectable nectar for our guests? Giulan, Giovanni!

Michele, Head Sommelier