This is not a cliché.

02 January 2019

I’m not sure

A new year is to begin and it is true what they say: we are not sure about anything but we are optimistic. This was exactly the thought of Tibor Kalmann, one of the most important American graphic designers, he of Hungarian origin. Kalmann directed Colors for three years, promoting campaigns in favour of environmentalism and racial integration, as well as being responsible for the image of Talking Heads. He always refused to work for companies producing products harmful to the environment, a man full of irony, talent, creativity, consideration for others: all these ingredients necessary to keep a sense of sane optimism in this difficult world.
La Perla, Corvara: the keys to your room here in the Dolomites are ready for you to collect!


Roberto Tubaro & Niccolò Zanella
at Bistrot Live Club.
Let's get it on!