This is not a cliché.

07 January 2019

‘’Hotel La Perla. Fabian speaking. How can I be of help?”

It is not a refrain, and not even a simple conventional phrase. When I respond to a telephone call, I use a formula that is not a standard one - Hotel La Perla. How can I be of help? – but rather the incipit of a possible story to begin. Whether it is to be a memorable one or a bland one will depend on many variables. In mathematics, and in the theory of probability in particular, a casual variable (also called a stochastic variable) is one that can assume different values depending on some random phenomenon. Here in the hotel we try to keep all random aspects locked away in the cellars below so as not to disturb our guests. And should the random sneak past our guards and show its colours in some exuberant display when we least expect it then it is down to me to call the ghostbusters rapidly!

Fabian, booking office


Tubaro & Cuzzolin
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