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08 January 2021

Blue is the colour

Van Gogh spoke of a symphony of blue. Picasso had a blue period. Yves Klein even went as far as patenting a blue, calling it International Klein Blue (IKB = PB29 + CI 77007), a deep sea like blue but one which was never produced. We too, in our own small way, love blue and we have dedicated one of our Stues to the colour. Strange it was that the Greeks and the Romans did not like blue, considering it a barbaric colour, of little noble stature – this due to the colour of the eyes of certain folk. With the advent of Christianity things changed, the colour of the eyes of the Virgin Mary being of this hue, and thus, it going without saying, the colour came to represent serenity, calm and peace. Long live blue is what we say, a colour worthy of its place in the world.

P.S. Our Stües, our dining rooms that is, know how to appreciate the presence of other colours too, for example yellow, red, white, green ...