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12 June 2020


The Edelweiss is the quintessential Alpine flower, gracing the chains from the Pyrenees to the Himalaya. In some areas, such as the Dolomites, the Alps, and the Apennines, it is considered the Queen of flowers. A symbol of resilience and eternal youth, this star-shaped flower seems to have been made for the Alps, and is predominantly found on rocky and difficult places to reach at high altitudes. You are unlikely to mistake them for any other flowers: their shape and snow-white candour are unique, and can be even found on the desert plateaus of Asia, Japan, China, and the Andes. And, guess what, you can also admire them in our small mountain lodge close to the hotel, the Berghotel Ladinia which has already opened and is brimming with life. The Edelweiss is somewhat of a universal flower, loved by a poet we greatly admire and respect: Alda Merini.

I had hung my love for you on the last string of your violin,
heavy with old things.
At the top, an Edelweiss.
I swear, I ascended thousands of mountains:
God planted the Edelweiss so high,
but the risk is oh so rewarding.

Alda Merini