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04 June 2019

The art of seeing

The art of seeing and the art of memory often go hand in hand.
From the top of the mountains this conjugation finds memorable results.
The art of seeing is cultivated with an exploratory gaze:
sensitivity is the material that the artist of seeing manipulates every day.
Today we live in an enormous paradox: the so-called civilisation of the image is causing excessive visibility, causing eye anaesthesia, and which inhibits the ability to perceive and see the world.
So, going upwards, on the paths that preserve ancient memories,
it is easier to feel in the succession of rocks that sense of infinity that belongs to us all.
If we can understand and feel that already in this life we have a link with the infinite, our desires and attitudes change for the better. Of this, there is no doubt.
And it also changes for the better how we behave to others and generally get along in this life.