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13 June 2019

Let the season begin

This photo is of the entrance to the Stüa de Michil restaurant. To tell the truth it is not at San Martino 109 but at Col Alt 105 in Corvara. How to explain? Well, our founder and patron to this day, Ernesto, always has a keen eye for something particular and in those years when tourism was booming in the valleys all seemed to want to rid themselves of what seemed old and useless and out of fashion. Ernesto thought differently however and was always ready to save a piece of Ladin history and value so that it did not risk finishing on a dump or going up in flames. One day he came across that which we see in the photo, set aside for an unhappy end to come, but Ernesto was having none of that and politely asked if he could take it back home with him. And in consequence we have here in the hotel a piece which tells a story, and there are others besides. Today our House opens up again for the summer and so it is that a seemingly old piece of wood now enjoys pride of place as one enters our acclaimed restaurant, and a piece which tells much about the Ladin story remains happily intact. Thank you Ernesto for your foresight and appreciation of all things good.

Welcome, dear guests!