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27 June 2019

Les Stües stories

It happens that a German couple, a little on in years, quarrel.
The question arises spontaneously: can we still fight after such a long time?
He gets up from the table and leaves saying goodbye, first formally,
Auf Wiedersehen, and then as if he were throwing a life jacket: Tschüss.
After a while, she wakes up, comes out of the dining room and around her a bit of melancholy rises.

An American lady happens to ask for a glass of white wine.
Here you are. She does not like it; with zeal, here is another one.
It would be nice to be able to taste that rejected wine. To understand more about the world.

It happens that here, in these colourful Stües,
they bordering almost on perfection, gracefulness, spellbinding.
Even if people fight, they have a tantrum.
Although most of the time they love each other, and are able to smile.

It happens that perfection, or that remnant that remains of it,
belongs more to the people who work here,
women and men, girls and boys, than the guests.

It does happen, though, that for once here in these rooms
cell phones do not show up on the tables.
And, as if by magic, a marvellous tart tatin appears.
So suddenly the heart, in absolute silence, sings of joy:
Hosanna in the highest heavens!