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18 June 2019

Being responsible

A sense of responsibility is like a long path that leads to a distant summit. You can lose track of it and often the other is to blame for this loss. We walk on this path every day. Finding fellow travellers can help: not to get lost, to create awareness of limits and certainties. To take responsibility for being responsible. Learning to walk alone is also important. There's a difference between solitude and loneliness. The loner is always looking for something that will bring him inexorably close to the other.
Well-being, which is a question of being well with others and also with oneself, is an act of responsibility - an act of knowledge, an act of opening up. Those who are responsible do not need scapegoats and know how to recognise the reality of things. Along the paths of responsibility everyone walks for him or herself and for others. This is so, because every action we take is connected. Being responsible is synonymous with loyalty and courage, it is the ability to recognise mistakes and to ask for help, it is the desire to offer oneself to others with generosity. Knowing how to give up and look ahead, this is being responsible: beyond the fog that obscures the path, beyond the clouds that envelop the peaks, because those who are responsible know it, there is always serenity at the top.