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06 June 2019

A smile is what we need

A smile is what you need. Especially when you are shaking hands. Here in the hotel, face to face with the guests, you cannot afford to neglect the matter. And shaking hands with no energy is a sign of neglect.

A smile is what you need. In this way you make it nice and clear that we are here to feel good together. Isn't that so? And so, away with the long faces, as outside there are the Dolomites, not the maze of ring roads clogged with traffic.

A smile is what you need. Get on your bike and head for the sky, hairpin bend after hairpin bend. There can never be enough thanks for the wonderful landscape we are blessed with.

A smile is what I need. When all is said and done this hotel is my life. I recognise myself in everything here, here I was born and here I have lived and as time passes time itself tends to magnify or diminish things, it doesn't matter. A good smile is just what we all need.

Mathias Costa