This is not a cliché.

06 February 2019

Careful with the eggs

How often is it that the egg does not come out perfect? How often is it that the doughnut does not have a perfect ring in the middle? And thinking about our daily lives, how many mistakes do we make in a day, how often do we upset our neighbour with our behaviour, how often do we just ignore others, how often do we just put off things to another day? We, it seems, are ever too ready to turn a blind eye to things we should be more concerned about. To say we are not perfect is an understatement, more correct would be to say we are insensitive, inconsiderate, unfriendly. What do we need to do about this malaise then? Well, saying sorry is not a bad start, even if it is not the easiest of things to do. And then an utterance to the effect of saying we will be more careful the next time is not a bad premise. Should we be able to come up with a tasty dish anyway and add a smile to the serving we are certainly on the right road. At times we really do need to go back to those times when we were a child and we could solve most things with our imagination. Well, dear guest, we do apologise if we are not faultless. How would you like your eggs – with or without speck?


Ladies in dress.
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