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08 December 2019

L’Murin, where excess is forbidden

There are two sides to L’Murin, like every good story: in the summer, it is a pub and, in the winter, it is an après-ski where you can let loose until you can no longer go on and the music volume is turned all the way up. The positive energy at L’Murin is contagious. This is the place people come to party. And the fact that it is located right next to the pistes simply makes it the ideal place to take off your skis when night begins to fall outside and warm up in the perfect way. But beware: for us, having fun is synonymous with loving one another and it should never be the cause of evil or excess. We make merry to the point of enjoying one another's company, and our own. By the way, this year, we are launching a campaign for conscious enjoyment, called Excess forbidden. Come and see us to find out what it is all about. Enjoy the skiing, the après-ski and have fun!