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31 December 2018

New Year’s Eve from south to north

What would a mozzarella from Puglia be doing in the company of Ladin tirtlan? Or, for that matter, what does a pizza from Naples have in common with another Ladin dish named cajinci arestis? The answer is that nothing illustrates better in a coming together of north and south and south and north than our great culinary, oenological and gastronomic tradition. They are a representation of our culture, just as we find in the continual references connecting the works of Gattopardo with Le Città Invisibili, or, to cite another example, the works of Umberto Boccioni and Josef Kostner. In this way, in a moment in which the relationships between different worlds seem distant and diverse, and the same very relationships are constantly put in crisis by historical falsehoods and prejudices, we in our own small way wish to construct – in a joyous, serene and festive atmosphere – a dialogue between north and south by offering a menu of surprising, stimulating and tasty combinations. We feel that it is the best way to welcome in the new year to come, and propose a ‘journey’ made up of high-quality raw materials uniting the seas of the Mediterranean with our own beloved Dolomites. Our hope is that the occasion brings the right sort of flavour to times soon to come. Join us and we can guarantee an evening of fun and satisfaction. May the new year be good for one and all.