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20 December 2018

l’après ski calamita

L’Murin, après ski like no other

Satisfaction guaranteed! L’Murin is a hive of activity and attracts the skier just as the bee is attracted to the pollen. It really is the place in the Dolomites to dance to the beat. Maybe the music is a little loud for some ears, but then again it is all about maintaining those energy levels after a day on the slopes, be you a skier, snowboarder, or even a telemarker. It is without doubt the ‘in place’ to come direct from the slopes and is known as the meeting point for folk from different generations. Here you will find the local young one, the snowgirls, and even the brothers and sisters of Franz Klammer and Debora Compagnoni. It is a coming together of human beings of all colours and ages and with the vibrant mix of skisuits and skiboots once could be forgiven for thinking one had landed on the moon and was in the presence of Neil Armstrong and his buddies.