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02 January 2021

The design could be Afro-Ladin if we so wish

Design accompanies us throughout life and this is so even if we are not always aware of it. Take for example the chair in the photo here. Someone has carefully designed and worked on this chair to produce what we see and someone has thought to place it against this wall decorated with simple vertical lines and has created a colourful panel arrangement with mild pastel colours. Simple but soothing the impact it has upon us. We are here in the land of the Ladins but with stronger colours and brighter shades we could be in Ndembele, or in South Africa, in Namibia, or in a number of other places for that matter. Design and decor have a simple fascination, and are not limited to one place in one time, for they can travel over oceans and conquer mountain passes high, go beyond the prejudice of man, and break down the most unforgiving of barriers. Beauty is something which is within us, irrespective of the latitude of our home. All is needed is to extract it, polish it down, and make good use of it.