This is not a cliché.

Every day a new story
30 December 2018

The mountains are as a theatre, witnessing our existence.

The year is coming to its end. It has been so throughout the centuries: the mountains are a tale of our existence and which can tell endless stories of man’s time on earth.There was once pre-historic man, now there are shapely girls on skis, there have been challenges and contrasts in this world of ours, now there are snowcats grooming the slopes to perfection, there were the world wars, now there are motorised sledges and tons of suncream, once there was nothing but pure air, now there is the frenetic consumption of all before us - even the century old glaciers are wilting before our eyes. There is of course still the outstanding beauty of the mountain scene, a scene which should encourage us to redimension our bloated egos and just revel in the silence of the mountain call, to contemplate and discover meaning and as John Berger said ‘Una montagna occupa sempre il medesimo posto e la si può considerare immortale. Ma chi la conosce bene sa che non si ripete mai. La sua è una scala temporale diversa dalla nostra’. When in the mountains man lives in a different timeframe. More than a place the mountains are an experience to be had. Blessed be the Dolomites.