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13 December 2018

A new and long season awaits us

We come from towns and villages far away.

We need to prepare for a long season and it will not be easy to push back nostalgic thoughts when we see our guests celebrating. New Year is a tough time, but Christmas is tougher again. Family, partners and friends are distant. Social media is not a cure to all ills. However, there is a compensation and a positive aspect to it all: our work is all about helping others to feel good. It is almost part of the mission we have. So, dear mountains, dear Dolomites,and dear Sassongher too, excuse me if you will for I must go about my chores and check the trolley is in order, welcome the band for tonight’s performance and generally get on with things. I will certainly be back to visit you in my free days and perhaps with a pair of skis or a pair of snowshoes for good company, so meanwhile I know you will shine on all newcomers and treat them to the jewels of nature you possess.