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08 August 2019

The importance of hay

Freshly cut grass becomes the precious hay. It is best to cut it before it rains, so always important to look up to the sky and smell the air. Time ago, farmers did not get weather reports on mobile phones. They raised their eyes several times upwards, breathed the air in their lungs to feel its consistency, tried to understand from the movement of the clouds, from the breath of the wind if and when the rain would come. Freshly cut hay needs rest before it is harvested, baled and placed in barns. If it gets wet you can say goodbye to it! I like it when the meadows are well mowed, with the tufts of grass just shaved. It makes me feel like a child of a land that cannot forget its roots. If we were to forget then we would lose something great, we would lose sight of our lives. That is why I like it when we scythe the grass, for it means that all is not completely lost in our own lives.

Stefan, Style and housekeeping director