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22 August 2019

Extended family

One of the greatest American writers, Kurt Vonnegut, says that one of the solutions to the problems of society is the need for an extended family: "We feel so alone because we don't have enough friends and family. Human beings should live in stable, like-minded extended families of at least fifty people each.
It's the community that Vonnegut talks about and, with his usual irony, he says that the more relationships we cultivate, even those with the people we like the least, the less alone we feel, so marriages would work better. In our hotel we are a more than extended family. It includes Ladins, Tyroleans, Italians and Germans, Serbs, Macedonians, Russians, and so on. For us, the family is a peaceful and supportive whole, not a condominium of timeshare owners who make war on each other and look at each other with an evil eye.