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18 August 2019

Comfort, our antique wood-panelled rooms

The ten oldest rooms in the house are Comfort style. They date back to the first La Perla construction. These are wood-panelled have surprising detail. Some of the ceilings belonged to 17th century stuben rooms, while others reflect the Tyrolean taste with composure and grace. The narrative style is that of the 'once upon a time', and has a fairytale scent that one easily takes to heart. Each chapter reveals a sense of composure, of welcome that is an invitation to let go of the intimate pleasure of feeling protected from heat. And it is nice to sit in the corners furnished with sofas, armchairs and tables and admire the original heads of old Ladin beds. It is nice to discover the symmetries of objects created by Anni and Stefan, it is nice to be bewitched by the squared curtains of red and white and be sure, as soon as you enter one of these rooms, that your stay is to be a happy one. And that is exactly how it is: sometimes we would like to see what now seems a long way off back close to us again. It is a sense which gives us security, serenity, peace. Living in the 'Comfort' dimension of La Perla means all this.