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02 August 2019

Another day, another warm welcome

I like room 260 because it has a bathtub and shower, it's a mansard, it has a nice view and it's all pink in colour. I like the open dialogue we have here in the hotel. It is one of the reasons I enjoy working and staying here. The other reason is because I met Andy (smile!). Another thing I like here is the coffee we have - it is very special indeed. I like to see people smiling, I like courtesy and respect too, and a touch of good humour also. What I don't like to see are long faces and brusque behaviour. As for other leisure interests, I like to dance, even if I don't get much opportunity nowadays. As a girl I danced Jazz and Hip Hop. Yes, thinking about it, I do miss dancing. On the positive side, the mountains here are so beautiful in summer. As for winter, I like skiing, even if I once fell awkwardly and hurt myself badly. Thankfully, I now ski better than before. Background wise, I graduated in languages. I was actually born in Rome even though I've always lived in Lucca, so I have a bit of a Tuscan accent. I like to establish good relationships with people in general, and I look forward to meeting you as a guest and doing my very best to ensure that you are happy here during your stay. In this family hotel here in the Dolomites I think there is every chance you will feel very much at home!

Adele, front office manager

Ps. Adele has been with us three years now and we all appreciate her openness and willingness to cooperate, and also her warm smile which is constantly engaging.


Lucia Kastlunger&Emanuele Righetti
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