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02 March 2016

Copia di Les Stües

There are many museums full of knickknacks but there is nothing like our stuben. Originally they were the only rooms in the the farmhose to be heated. There would be a table for eating, playing cards, and also for working, a bench for the daily rest, and an oven for drying all and sundry. In essence the centre of life for a tyrolean family was here.
I remember the first time that I set foot in the Stuben in 2005..... I remained speechless. I did not realise that so much beauty and so much history could exist together
Today in our original Stuben you will find various tables for dining, all splendid with authentic details of the past. Examples are the coloured and hand ambroidered napkins and traditional and unusual floral arrangements table for table.
Every time guests are sat athe tables you can see their reaction, fascinated and surprised by the religious pieces, or for example by the collection of Royal Copenaghen plates displayed in the blue stube, or the lamps in the salmon stube, or the clear romanticismof the red stube. Even the ceilings and the low doorwayss are a source of fascination – the top of the doorways are now adorned with leather for inevitably you do bang your head a times .... and it does really hurt!
And as for the food itself.....?! Our chef from Val Pusteria, Alex Egger, is expert in creating dishes simple in style but combining an element of Tyrolian tradition – much use is made of local and bio produce and each and every day he and his team produce dishes of an intens taste which however are easy on the palate. A culinary experience you will remember for long.
Our authentic stuben have witnessed in respectful silence many marriage proposals, birthday celebrations, and famous love stories.