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16 February 2017

Cherta dl Bar

Ladin is a language and tradition which comes alive in the bar!
Ladinia’s drinks list is a celebration of Ladin language and all that is good and vital in its tradition – especially when eyeing the drinks on offer.
It is certainly true that you always come across different types of drinks lists when travelling and they are always likely to make an impression on you, good or bad! There are often those which are a little snobby and snooty – pages long, elegant in style and with a cover costing a fortune, and there are others at the opposite end of the scale which are minimalesque, condensed, almost tatty in appearance and so timid in outlook that they are almost an invitation not to order anything at all to drink! All this preamble has of course the aim to lead us to a discussion, nigh – a celebration, of the Ladinia drinks list, remembering of course that Ladinia enjoys a mountain location and revels in the fact that it houses all that is good about mountain retreats. Our list is printed front and back on a light wooden colored paper so as to identify well with our floorboards and general surrounds (yes we know the floorboards squeak a little but that’s part of the strategy you know!). We decided on a heavier than usual paper for otherwise we feared it would be mistaken for that hygienic stuff butchers use to wrap up their meats and that my mother would sometimes dampen and rub on my badly grazed knees after another one of my failed adventures! Let me not digress for the point I am trying to make is a very different one. The essential characteristic of the Ladin list is that it is packed with many illuminating and musical phrases from the Ladin language. Musical in their sound and in the goodness of what they refer to, and illuminating in what they tell us about Ladin life and Ladin ways ... and indeed about Ladin drinking habits! This mountain bar is very much a Ladin bar and so ‘Nomen omen’. What an opportunity there is for you to discover more and on passing by not only to marvel at the warm and cozy and somewhat refined nature of our place but whilst sampling one of our teas, drinks, or alcohol creations you will be able also to mull over a phrase or two which are full of the past and do nothing but good to the curious mind and general wellbeing. ‘Vins al got’ for example is wines by the glass and ‘Musiga dal vì’ is nothing else but our live music sessions on Wednesdays. Yes, Wednesdays are great events and the music goes from 6 to 8.30 pm. And if you ask for ‘Giulan miscela’ do not worry for you are not ordering an oil to put in your motorbike’s tank but a mix of a natural type lemonade from nearby mountains and a red or white wine. Refreshing and palatable indeed! And as for the ‘boandes’, it could be an import from Iberia or Portugal such is its flavour.
Language is a magical tool and in its instruction it helps us shift from one valley region to another in search of their magical liquids. Even the beer is known as ‘bira’, clearly in recognition of what the Romans did for our drinking habits. Of course there is also the potent firewater or ‘ ega de vita’ which is to be taken very seriously indeed. Besides our meagre attempts at a line or two or humour the important aspect to note is that there is a reliance on Ladin products from South Tyrol and other parts of the Alpine range, Valtellina and Piemonte in particular. Pure coincidence of course that I am from Piemonte myself! It must be said however that the genepy from Val Varaita and the ratafià from Andorno could not be missing from any self acclaimed mountain bar! I must make special mention of Cesco, he the founder of this alpine home which was too the first in the old core settlement of Corvara to be officially registered and carries the number one to prove as such. This back in 1930, but Cesco was a man who could see far ahead and it is only fitting that we have dedicated our house aperitif to him, it a base di vodka Xellent and that local natural spuma lemonade I mentioned. There is one more thing which I wish to stress: the bar is right next to the ski slopes and right outside the entrance skis can be left. What more could one wish for? Take off your skis, lean them in the ski stand provided and call in to warm yourself up, take stock of your skiing day and recharge your batteries ready for the next run on the slopes. We await you and trust to please with our welcome, our drinks list, and of course with our friendly Ladin nature.
P.S.. Ladinia is not just a bar but also a restaurant and is open midday and evening offering dishes with of course a touch of Ladin flair as well as scrumptious ingredients and recipes. ‘I ves aspetun’!