The fascination of this place
is not about what there is
but about what is missing.

This is not a cliché.

May 2017

05 May 2017

Berghotel Ladinia’s long long season

Lunch and dinner served every day, bar always open, Wednesday is aperitif with music time, and for the season opening day an evening of celebration with 4 chefs ruling the roost in a typical Ladin display of fine cuisine
From 24 May to 2 November without a day of closure. Every day of the week. Lunch and dinner served to meet the demands of travellers or workers looking to enjoy Ladin style hospitality
There is a small hotel in the Dolomites, which notwithstanding the years of service is very much in fine shape. It is difficult indeed in Val Badia to find a place open right through from 24 May to 2 November without a day of closure. However, such a place exists and it welcomes friends, travellers, chikers, climbers, cyclists, motorbikers, and paragliders, and is at their service for lunch and dinner every day of the week. And what’s more besides is that although the first language of the Inn is Ladin everone seems to understand everything with the greatest of ease. This rarest of places is to be found in Corvara at the foot of Col Alt, and its name is Berghotel Ladinia, it being the first establishment in the entire village to be granted a licence to accommodate guests, this back in 1930. We are talking about a non-stop type of establishment which guarantees to all visitors, be they regular guests or mere passers-by, and nowadays even people passing through for work, a place to stay and a place to enjoy jovial but respectful hospitality - the owners and staff proud to make hospitality a driving force of their every day. Ladinia places great emphais on its welcome for it considers such to be an indispensable element of feeling good and being considerate whether a visitor is alone or in company. Even if small in dimension Ladinia likes to do things in a certain style and gracious manner. Do not confuse this tenet with any presumptious nature for it is definitely not the case, but there is a great sense of pride about all which goes on here. There are only 13 rooms so it goes without saying that one needs to organise oneself in advance if intending to stay for one or more nights here. Even if the rooms are smaller than a standard hotel room and there is the occasional squeak and bathrooms need to be manipulated with care there is a real high demand. The bar is always open and of a morning there is always that air of freshness as the fragrances from the fresh produce served for breakfast drift merrily across. Pastries just out of the oven and cappuccini made as the maker intended are sure to put a smile on the early morning passer-by. In the afternoon, there is a sort of high tea celebration and in no time at all it is the hour of the aperitif and the evening pleasures are ready to sing a merry tune. As for dinner, the traditions and delicacies of the Ladin folk are the inspiration for sumptious cuisine and the choice of wine is a homage to the Alpine region. The essential characteristic of Ladinia is that it has retained its Alpine vocation and is a gem of a mountain habitat. And as for doing things in a grandiose way we need look no further than the season opening on 24 May when a special dinner is in programme and live music will entertain allcomers. Between 6 and 11 pm. Four chefs will operate the stoves and produce a nenu having every respect for tradition. The ‘fab four’ are Andrea Irsara from Hotel Grand Ander di Badia, Simon Tirel from Hotel Diana in La Villa, Enrico Vespani from the rifugio Col Alt in Corvara, and Mattia Cantonetti from Berghotel Ladinia. A word of advice however: places cannot be booked but a place at the general festivity yes. If you are not able to partake in the celebrations there will still be a chance to try out the dishes of the chefs. In fact, the dishes of Andrea Irsara will be on the menu until 3 June, those of Simon Tirel from 4 to 10 June, and finally the preparations of Enrico Vespani from 11 to 17 June. All in all it can be said that there are many good reasons to pay a visit to Ladinia. We shall certainly keep you informed of the initiatives taking place here in the coming months and one thing we can already annouce is that the popular live music performanes of Wednesday evening from 6 pm onwards will again feature. With musicians and singers keen to interact with guests in creating just the right atmosphere. One would not be wrong to say that if Berghotel Ladinia did not exist then we would have to invent such a place. Look forward to welcome you!