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01 December 2016

A guest is a guest and deserves to be treated as such.

Our responsibility is to go about our vocation in the best possible way
It is the first of December and little time remains: I look forward to the bar being alive again, welcome back our staff, and to see the reaction of the first guests of the season as they step foot in the hotel.
Tourism has little to do with authenticity. What the client desires, and that which brings an economic return, is not necessarily authentic in nature.
Mountain villages composed of Heidi like chalets may be nice, at times even beautiful, but they have little to do with authenticity. The tourists however are happy to accept this fiction and therefore all is considered acceptable. Even the addition of names such as UniCity, Green, Virgin Landscape form part of the game and go down well. Let me try to explain better: are our tourism proposals really unique? One can certainly say that the Dolomites are unique, just as one can say that Monte Bianco is unique, every single larch tree I look out upon is unique, even if in its leafless early winter state it looks a little forlorn next to the proud red and green oak. Something unique need not necessaily be overwhelmingly significant and what we like and appreciate need not necessarily be authentic and just. For example do we really think that the firework display we have here in Alta Badia on New Year’s Eve, it passing as a unique spectacle, is a just spectacle. Fireworks in general are noisy and they pollute, the deer panic, the cows in their stalls go crazy, and the dogs hide petrified under the table. As for the value aspect of things we either believe in and practise what we believe, or perhaps it is best to forget the whole argument totally. To instumentalise all and use as a supposed marketing tool is shameful. The Dolomites are a natural heritage, not a place to abuse in a frivolous manner. The same goes for the modern trend to promote the Green concept. Either you are convinced and do something about it or it is better to actually say in an open and frank manner that you buy your fish from America because you like the idea which that part of the world creates and that you too are a Trump visionary.
And whilst we are in the vein of ‘communication errors’ if our staff do not use the language you might expect when they first greet you it is not because they are ignorant or uncaring. In fact it is the opposite, because courtesy dictates a certain behaviour on first meeting a guest. We feel that a correct and studied approach to our hotel guest is essential and that spontaneity and back-slapping will have its moment if the case demands. First impressions are never given a second chance and so we are careful of our form on first meetings.
Our welcome to La Perla is a sincere and professional one and we are always looking to improve our service. This winter season we have a coffee to offer you which we believe is the top of the tops. We were not over-convinced of the excellence of our coffee and and so this time around we are pleased to serve you the coffee of Gianni Frasi. Try for yourself. Have you tasted better?
Tourism is a complicated profession, full of social graces, economic and ecological concerns. Guests are our ‘bread and butter’ but should never be abused and seen merely as an item of profit. We feel that we are hoteliers in the true sense of the word. As December approaches we keenly look forward to the bar being alive again, welcome back our staff and see the first guests full of winter luggage arrie on our doorstep. I am enthusiatic yet again to stroll through the dining areas and hear the stories of both rgular and new guests. And then of course we will need to deal with the everyday issues – the vehicle parked in the wrong place, the complaint about wi-fi reception not being amazing (we are in the middle of the mountains you know!!), and celebrations at Murin across the road might not enthuse one and all. Franco will be back of course. Our waiter of longstanding will no doubt endear himself to all with his spontaneity and habit of grumbling to himself ... he is authenticity at its very best and may he long be an essential part of La Perla.
And there is more news too. Some of our rooms have been completely redone and restyled , and in the new office block there is even an art exhibition! Our team is in place and motivation is high and on Saturday all of the staff will arrive and we will begin two days of training for the new season. The staff will sleep in the hotel and be treated as guests in these 2 days so that one and all appreciate the authentic nature of the hotel. Our work is really gratifying for we have the chance to welcome and care for persons in our ‘home’ in the best period of the year. And let’s not forget the work we are doing in Africa through the Costa Family Foundation. We hope too that it is gratifying for all conerned. Thank you and welcome.

Michil Costa