This is not a cliché.

18 April 2019

An anchovy, puccia bread and the roots

Is it possible for an anchovy to go back in time and meet up with a Ladin puccia bread? And if it can, will it know how deep the sea is and how high the mountains are?
The anchovyalice is dripped, immersed in a source of oil, garlic and chilli pepper, gently melted to swim in bright spaghetti covered with puccia bread, orie a sprinkling of crispy rye bread. Italy on a plate. Simple, sparkling and generous.
I love this dish because it makes me think of my mother, who is Ladin, and my father, who is from Puglia.
My cooking is not banally attached to any notion of roots as much cuisine is nowadays. It is more correct to say that mine is actually made of deep roots. They move sinuously in a fertile ground, sprinkled with imagination, ingenuity, respect and culture.

Nicola, executive chef